Rock Bridge Youth Group


You're invited! We have a great time when we get together. We focus on ...

  • What God has to say about life as a teenager

  • How God loves us and wants to work out His perfect plan in your life

  • How to tap into the love and power God wants to pour out on you

We're all about Jesus. Why? Because He loves you even if you don't love Him back. Because He paid the penalty that you owe - the price of your sin was death, but Jesus paid that price on the cross so you can be free! Because He wants to help you with all the decisions and problems in your life. The Bible says He's an ever-present help to those that call on Him!

A Little About What We Do

We try to learn more about our Creator who loves us. We study the Bible - God's love letter to us. We pray for each other, 'cause life is hard and we can use all the help we can get. We laugh, we cry, we play, we sing, we have fun.

It's kind of hard to explain it all - come and see for yourself.  We meet Sunday mornings at 10:00am and Wednesday evenings from 6:45 to 8:00pm.