Who we are


Our Ministry Vision:

What we focus on inside the church

  • Focus on top-notch music and worship with a wide variety of styles including choirs and a praise band with modern worship songs.

  • Focus on Senior Adults, drawing on their spiritual maturity and strength while providing support and encouragement.

  • Focus on Biblical training (Discipleship) for all age groups.

Our Mission Vision:

What we focus on outside the church

  • Outreach to Children and youth. Reaching students through such programs as our Sunday School, AWANA, youth Trajectory, and VBS to provide an avenue to transform families in the community.

  • Partner with civic and social groups to provide life-changing programs on basic life issues (such as parenting classes, money management, or language classes.)

  • Outreach with community programs, such as summer children backyard bible clubs or sports programs.

Our Story

On April 12, 2009, after a year of planning, preparation and prayer, Glover Baptist Church and Faith Baptist Church merged together to form Rock Bridge Baptist Church.  Approximately 100 members joined together to combine the resources, assets and liabilities of the two individual churches in order to form a new church that would be more effective in the Lord’s Kingdom work in the Norcross area.  The name of the church is not reflective of the Rockbridge Road where the church is physically located.  Rather, the name has a specific meaning: “Rock” refers to proclaiming the Rock (Jesus Christ) of our salvation; and “Bridge” indicates that Jesus is our Bridge to God, our Bridge of Hope.  Today, Rock Bridge Baptist Church is a multinational and multiethnic family of believers who desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, minister to others and proclaim His name and the Good News to any and all who will listen.